Install You're Own Satellite Dish?

(Its Not As Hard As You Think!).

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Product Review! (Humax 5400 D.I.Y Satellite Receiver Package).

If you have ever wanted to install you're own satellite tv system, we have the package for

you!, (and its not as hard as you think!).

There are of course many receivers on the market today but the Humax-5400 is the

only unit we recommend for Australian conditions!, it comes fitted with an IRDETO

compatible C.A.M (Conditional Access Module) slot for reception of subscription

television services (providing you have a valid paid subscriber card of course!).

This particular model has two additional port connections that give this unit the ability

to be upgraded for future satellite compatibility!.

One of the most important features of any satellite receiver is the ability to pick up

weak and distant signals, this specification is referred to as "Low Thresh Hold Sensitivity"

and its this area where the Humax 5400 model excels!.

Of course you cant pick up these signals with out a quality Dish And Feed horn,

we have matched the Humax receiver with a Penta 85 cm Dish and matching

KF-21 LNB to give you the ultimate in low signal reception!.

We recommend the larger KR 85 cm square sided dish over the small round

65 cm models commonly in use around Australia for two reasons, the first

being ease of installation, the bigger dish has more surface area and is much

easier for you to align yourself using the Humax 5400 receivers inbuilt tuning system

and secondly during severe storms the smaller dish is more susceptible to picture

breakup, than the larger model!.

What we have essentially done is to produce a D.I.Y kit to take the hard work out of installing you're own satellite system.

The kit contains the following-

1x Humax 5400z (4000 Channel Stereo Satellite Receiver).

1x Penta 85 cm Receiving Dish (With KF-21 LNB Feed Horn).

25x Meter Length Of RG-6 Quad Shield Coax Cable (With F Connectors Fitted).

1x Wall Plate (Fitted With F Connector Socket).

1x 3 Meter F type Patch Lead (To Run From The Wall Socket To The Receiver).

1x Quality 3 Way Audio/Video Lead (To Run From The Satellite Receiver To You're TV/Video).

1x Heavy Duty Antenna Roof Mount And Hardware.

To Purchase This Product!.

 P.E.C Order Code- PESK-5400 (Complete Satellite Receiver Kit).

 Purchase Price. $1395.00 AUD (Includes Gst).

 Delivery $19.50 (10 Kilogram Road Freight- Allow 3 To 5 Days).

O/SEAS AIRMAIL- P.O.A. (Reasonable Rates).


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