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elcome to our site!.

Preston Electronics has established itself as a market leader in the

retail of electronic parts and equipment!,with over 6000 product

lines and 20 years in the industry we can help you to locate almost

any component from an obsolete transistor or obscure valve tube

to a diy electronic kit set for a project you would like to build but

but cant seem to find!, chances are we have them in our warehouse. 


 ith our very large and ever-changing product lines we prefer

to deal on a personal basis with our customers rather than provide

an on line catalog, so don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail if you

require advice in tracking down an elusive product or part, because

our business is staffed by trained technicians we can help you with any

general electronic questions you may have as well!, Darren Candy

(Our Sales Manager) or Andrew Tolley (Our Senior Technician) would

be pleased to assist. Our site will also feature a range of products

which can be purchased through our store, they are specially selected

by our Technicians for value and reliability!.

 We look forward to hearing from you soon!.



 Special On Sale Items We Recommend!,

Our Technicians Tell You Why?.


The Worlds Two Best Soldering Irons?.


Need A New Multi meter! (One Stands Out).


Learn Electronics Fast (This Book Makes It Easy!).


Build Your Own Speakers (You Know You Want To!).


Why Not Install Your Own Satellite Dish? (Its Not As Hard As You Think!).


Want To Bug Someone? (This Kit Makes It Easy!).



Going Around Australia? Need A CB Radio? ( Then Check This One Out!).


How About A Security Camera? (This Package Has The Lot!).


Affordable Left handed Guitars? (And Music Accessories!).

(Free-Guitar Waa-Waa Circuit To Build!). Beautiful 1983 Japanese Daion Lefty Bass- Rare!.



Special Services At P.E.C.

( Note- ABC Remote Control Repair Is A Division Of Preston Electronics)


We Specialize In The Repair And Service Of Car Alarm, Garage Door And TV Remote Controls, In Many Cases We Can Copy An Existing Unit If You Require A Spare To Replace A Lost Unit!, Click Here To Find Out More.


We Also Recondition/Rejuvenate All Types Of NiCad, Ni-Mhi And Lead Acid Battery Packs! (Click Here Before You Discard)Those Expensive Cells!).



Preston Electronics Has A Large Inventory Of Glass Tube Valves!

(A Huge Range At Competitive Prices, E-mail Us Today!).

(Click Here For Our Complete Valve Range!)

There Is Also A Great Free Pre-Amp Circuit To Build.






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Monday - Thursday 9AM-5.30PM.

Friday 9AM-6.00PM.

Saturday 9AM-12.OO NOON.

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